Monat: Oktober 2006

Beyond boundaries

Svensvensven, of "Are you a heretic?" fame, has been active at the QuizFarm again. His new question is, "Which theologian are you?" Naturally, I couldn’t resist taking the test. To my surprise I turned out a "Wesleyan holiness-evangelical" — would you believe it? I had hoped to get a couple of points more on Pentecostalism! Of course, this started my thinking, and here’s what’s come out of it so far:

 1. Even while I greatly appreciate my theological heritage and I am well aware of the context that it puts me in, I am trying to think beyond traditional boundaries, as I think all honest theological reasoning has to. That makes my theological outlook somewhat eclectic — from my point of view, the best of all worlds.

 2. Of course, part of the explanation is — surprise! — that the quiz itself is put together from a subjective point of view, too. While I am not aware of what exactly svensvensven’s background is, at least one question seemed quite strange to me. On a scale of agreement from 0 to 5, I had to rate the statement, "Speaking in tongues is the most important element of salvation" [Unfortunately, I lost my page cache and the questions are changing each time, so, forgive me if the quote isn’t guaranteed to be literal.] I gave this phrase a 1, because I don’t agree. I love speaking in tongues and greatly appreciate this gift God has given to me. But, "the most important element of salvation?" That’s way overrated. Still, I guess, picking a five would have given me a lot more points on Pentecostalism. Is this how Pentecostals appear to the outside?


Über Christoph

Christoph Fischer (* 1978) ist Pfarrer der Evangelischen Landeskirche in Württemberg auf der Pfarrstelle „Erlöserkirche“ in Albstadt-Tailfingen.

Christoph ist verheiratet mit Rebecca. Gemeinsam haben sie drei Töchter.