Monat: Oktober 2006

Beyond boundaries

Svensvensven, of "Are you a heretic?" fame, has been active at the QuizFarm again. His new question is, "Which theologian are you?" Naturally, I couldn’t resist taking the test. To my surprise I turned out a "Wesleyan holiness-evangelical" — would you believe it? I had hoped to get a couple of points more on Pentecostalism! Of course, this started my thinking, and here’s what’s come out of it so far:

 1. Even while I greatly appreciate my theological heritage and I am well aware of the context that it puts me in, I am trying to think beyond traditional boundaries, as I think all honest theological reasoning has to. That makes my theological outlook somewhat eclectic — from my point of view, the best of all worlds.

 2. Of course, part of the explanation is — surprise! — that the quiz itself is put together from a subjective point of view, too. While I am not aware of what exactly svensvensven’s background is, at least one question seemed quite strange to me. On a scale of agreement from 0 to 5, I had to rate the statement, "Speaking in tongues is the most important element of salvation" [Unfortunately, I lost my page cache and the questions are changing each time, so, forgive me if the quote isn’t guaranteed to be literal.] I gave this phrase a 1, because I don’t agree. I love speaking in tongues and greatly appreciate this gift God has given to me. But, "the most important element of salvation?" That’s way overrated. Still, I guess, picking a five would have given me a lot more points on Pentecostalism. Is this how Pentecostals appear to the outside?


Über Christoph

Christoph Fischer (* 1978) ist seit mehr als 15 Jahren im hauptamtlichen pastoralen Dienst, zuletzt bei der Volksmission Freudenstadt. Ab August 2018 wechselt Christoph in den Pfarrdienst der Evangelischen Landeskirche in Württemberg.

Christoph ist verheiratet mit Rebecca. Gemeinsam haben sie drei Töchter, Ann-Céline (* 2005), Emma (* 2007) und Pia (*2012).