Should Evangelicals Embrace or Resist Postmodernism?

Should Evangelicals Embrace or Resist Postmodernism?I can’t believe that people still see this as an either/or question. After all, postmodernism is here, which doesn’t really make it an option if you want to reach the world. Which is not to say we should uncritically adopt any postmodern claim, but, at the end, there’s no way around at least engaging postmodernism on its terms.

2 Antworten zu “Should Evangelicals Embrace or Resist Postmodernism?”

  1. IMHO your post does not accurately answer the question posed in the title. To embrace postmodernism implies (in my understanding) an acknowledgment of correctness and an adoption of viewpoints within evangelical theology/practice. To resist is to do the opposite.

    To me this is different than a realization that PM has become highly influential in the west and that as Christians we need to be informed about and engage it.

  2. Now that I’ve think thought about it some more. The two are not as distinct as a supposed. When PM is prevalent in everyday society one has no choice but to embrace or resist with a possible third option namely „ignore“.

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